September 9, 2020

Launch of Dystonia Europe Virtual D-DAYs 2020: the Dystonia Webinar Series & the Podcast the Positive Twist

Our most important event and activity every year, our annual meeting the D-DAYs Conference 2020, was cancelled due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Very early we realized this would greatly affect the work of Dystonia Europe. With no D-DAYs we would not: • meet our members and connect with them and learn about their national activities •…

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September 8, 2020

PERCEPTTM PC Neurostimulator: A breakthrough on the way to adaptive DBS

This article makes reference to certain companies and their products and any opinions expressed should not be taken to be the views of Dystonia Europe or its members.  The articles are written by respected authors and are provided for the information of  Dystonia Europe News readers. The Medtronic BrainSenseTM Expert Meeting was originally planned as a…

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