November 3, 2020

United Kingdom – Dystonia Awareness Month September 2020 Action for Dystonia, Diagnosis, Education and Research (A.D.D.E.R.)

A.D.D.E.R. is a dystonia charity based in the North East of England and we have been supporting people with dystonia for 20 years. We are a small charity in that our committee is made up of only 7 volunteers, 6 of us have dystonia in various forms and all 7 of us give our time…

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October 29, 2020

Norway – Contact Person Training in Bergen Norway by NDF

The Norwegian Dystonia Organisation (NDF) held a  training class for contact persons last October in Bergen, Norway. On the webpage NDF have listed contact persons from within the organisation who can be contacted about dystonia. It is important that all contact persons make it clear that they are not medically trained. A contact person is…

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