Become a Member

Ordinary Members (OM) — power to vote at General Assemblies
Associate Members (AM) — non-voting

OM – Ordinary membership includes the founding members of Dystonia Europe, national patient organisations in European countries, foundations, and medical/scientific/healthcare bodies with an interest in dystonia.

AM – Associate members are individuals, non-­European patient or other not-­for-­profit or commercial organisations, or groups/associations in Europe which are not yet fully legally constituted but are recognised following the laws and customs of their country of origin.

Membership fee– Dystonia Europe charges a small yearly membership fee to cover administrative costs. The Fee for ordinary members is set from time to time by the General Assembly and is presently (2013) €100.

How to become a member?
Organisations wishing to apply for Full or Associate membership shall apply in writing to DE giving the following information:

Membership Application
Organisation registration number and a copy of the current statues, translated into English
Details of current directors – names, positions, and responsibilities in the organisation
Financial accounts for the previous 2 years, independently audited

Send the application to The DE Board will then review the application and statutes to ensure they meet the DE requirements. The membership has to be approved by the following AGM (Annual General Assembly).