Dystonia Podcast

The Positive Twist is a podcast about the third most common movement disorder, dystonia. In every episode we meet patients, caregivers and experts, sharing facts, and their stories related to dystonia, each ending with a positive twist!

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Season 1 2020-2021

  1. How DBS surgery transformed a life, with Stephen Batey
  2. Making Dystonia Your Friend, with Monika Benson
  3. How Dystonia Europe Came to Be, and What a Life’s Work in Patient Advocacy Has Brought Alistair Newton
  4. Living With a Neurological Disorder During The Covid-19 Pandemic, A Talk With Donna Walsh and Marjan Jahanshahi
  5. Ten Years of The David Marsden Award, an Interview With Recipients Prof. Mark Edwards and Asst. Prof. Niccolo Mencacci
  6. The Importance of Physiotherapy and a Collaborative Approach to Treatment of Dystonia, With Physiotherapist Johanna Blom
  7. Finding Success in Career, Love and Life, in Spite of Living With Cervical Dystonia, Featuring Emmanuel Dalmas