June 15, 2018

EFNA/BMP UPDATE | Summer 2018

It’s been a busy start to 2018 for the European Federation of Neurological Associations [EFNA]. Training Initiatives for Neurology Advocates  Already, there has been two workshops as part of its Training Initiatives for Neurology Advocates [TINA]– with both including dystonia delegates.    The first was another national workshop in Romania, to celebrate Brain Awareness Week…

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April 25, 2018

Norway | Norwegian Dystonia Association 25 years

Norway The week after the Dystonia Europe 25th Anniversary events, NDF, the Norwegian Dystonia Association, held its 25th Anniversary celebration and Annual General Assembly at hotel Olavsgaard, just outside of Oslo.  75 dystonia patients and family members from across Norway had come to the event.  Saturday morning, after registration, NDF Chairman Johann Arnfinn Warvik, welcomed…

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April 18, 2018

Neurology training in Lisbon – Value of Patient Perspectives and Preferences 

Training Initiatives for Neurology Advocates [TINA] workshop took place at the Champalimaud Foundation in Lisbon 17th and 18th of April 2018.    The TINA workshops project was launched in 2016 by the European Federation of Neurological Association [EFNA] and is being continued to teach patients how to use the theoretical knowledge gained on these processes,…

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April 14, 2018

Scientific Report D-DAYs Brussels 

The 25th anniversary of Dystonia Europe was held in beautiful city of Brussel between April 12th-14th. The breakdown of D-Days 2018 brought together patients, their care partners and family members, physicians, clinicians, scientists, physiotherapists, and pharmaceutical industry members to discuss cutting edge science in the growing field of dystonia.  The conference program included a visit…

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