May 13, 2021

New Consensus Guidelines for Botulinum Toxin Therapy of Dystonia and Spasticity

Professor Dirk Dressler Botulinum toxin (BT) therapy is based on applying appropriate doses of BT into an appropriate selection of muscles. Both, the list of target muscles together with their BT doses, constitute the dosing scheme. Developing the dosing scheme for each patient individually requires considerable experience and makes BT therapy what some people might call…

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May 12, 2021

ROMANIA, Constructive Activities During a Pandemic

Catalina Crainic, President ‘Asociatia Childrens Joy’, Romania A fundraiser for genetic testing of 12 people with dystonia by The Children’s Joy Association (adults and children). Diagnosis and classification of dystonia is of great importance for the proper management of prognostic information and genetic counselling of patients. The cost of a test is $250. Genetic testing…

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