Suomen Dystonia-yhdistys ry

Chairman: Mikko Juutinen
Information secretary: Tuula Saikkonen
Contact person: Mikko Juutinen

Tel: +358 40 764 0908


The Finnish Dystonia Association was founded in 1998 with the aim to provide information about the neurological movement disorder dystonia, and to offer support to those affected by dystonia and their families.

The national association, totally run on a voluntary basis, has now been around for 25 years and relies on the knowledge, proficiency and resources of those volunteering.

The Finnish Dystonia Association has about 900 members and we publish a bulletin informing about our activities quarterly. The Association has two phone lines for peer support and these are operated by people affected by dystonia. We have 20 clubs all over Finland.

There is also an informative website and a Facebook group, where you can ask questions and take part in discussions on any topic related to the disease. Dystonia Days “D-DAYS” are held every year in a different city, to attract all the members. Our members can also take part in the activities organised by the umbrella organisation, the Finnish Movement Disorders’ Association.