Svensk Dystoniforening

Chairman: Bengt-Erik Calles
Tel: +46 76 797 46 04

Lidåkersg. 8B
531 39 Lidköping

Email: info@dystoni.se
Website: www.dystoni.se

The Swedish Dystonia Association was founded in 1991. Today the Association has more than 430 members and produces a newsletter 4 times per year. Various leaflets and brochures are also being published and various forms of support are given to create and maintain self-help groups and networks in different regions of the country.

Since 1999 the Society has been promoting physiotherapy in combination with  the Botulinum Toxin Therapy. In 2000 a study was initiated among members on how dystonia has changed their lives, the results were published in Swedish medical journals. The last few years SDF has been the organizer of very successful workshops on special physiotherapy for cervical dystonia in collaboration with the medical profession.