Belgische Vereniging voor Dystoniepatiënten vzw


Chair: Arlette Devuyst
Contact:  Thijs R.C. Vandewoude
c/o Herlinckhovestraat 66
9406 Outer





The Belgium Dystonia Society was founded in 1995. The working language of our organization is Dutch, since most of our members are based in the Dutch-speaking part of Belgium (Flanders).

We have edited several brochures about the most common types of dystonia. Our newsletter, published twice a year, contains articles concerning patients’ rights alongside medical news, personal stories, tips to cope with stress and symptoms brought on by dystonia, as well as illustrated reports of our activities.

Regional contact days in various parts of Flanders bring together patients and their loved ones who wish to share their experiences or who are looking for help. Other activities include interactive lectures by medical professionals and researchers, and a relaxing weekend trip for our members in the Spring.

Our organization also runs a volunteer e-mail and phone service for distressed members to contact fellow patients for support, advice or simply a heartwarming talk.

Our medical advisory board, made up of Flemish neurologists, convenes regularly to discuss the most recent medical innovations and to answer specific questions submitted by our members.