September 15, 2023

Webinar on DBS for Dystonia

Last June there was a webinar on DBS (Deep Brain Stimulation). This webinar was mainly for patients and focused on the benefits of DBS for dystonia patients that does not have sufficient effect from other treatments like for example botulinumtoxin and other medication.

After Edwige Ponseel, President of Dystonia Europe opened the webinar and welcomed all, neurologist Prof Laura Cif held a presentation on DBS, who may benefit from this surgery and the process of the surgery. Prof Cif went deep into subject.

Next Thomas Brionne, Medtronic is an expert on research and presented new technologies within DBS.

Jan Bodenbach, who is a patient that have underwent the surgery and whose life was completely changed after DBS, was supposed to tell about his experience but was unfortunately not able to attend. His story was in the last DE Newsletter and you can read it here:

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You can see the webinar here: