September 15, 2023

Dystonia Video Project Update

When you are reading this we are already in the month of September and our annual Dystonia Awareness Month. From the first of September until the last day of the month there will be at least one post per day on our social media channels. As usual we will share information on the various diagnosis & treatments, inspirational stories & quotes.

This year’s theme is #dystonialife. Last year, late Dystonia Europe President Adam Kalinowski, worked very hard on this project. We now have five really good short videos featuring daily life situations for dystonia patients. We hope you like them.  The videos will be posted throughout September and we would appreciate it if you share them within your networks.

If you have anything you’d like to share from your #dystonialife please do so, we are happy to repost.

Let’s work together and share as much information as possible during these weeks to increase the awareness of the dystonia.

Monika Benson, Executive Director, Dystonia Europe