June 2, 2023

Updates and News in the Children’s Joy Association -Romania

Update of the new activities that are taking place at the level of Association Children’s Joy in Romania.

Under the umbrella of MC Gym Motion, together with our partner Iguana Fight Team and Children’s Joy Association, we obtained a grant of €100,000 non-reimbursable, from European funds, for a period of at least 3 years which will allow us to move the headquarters to a new location with better conditions and specially designed for sports activities, kinetotherapy and psychology, fitness, wellness, contact sports for the general public and special activities for people with dystonia or other neurological diseases.

“Through the MC Gym Motion project, we want to encourage sports performances and to promote physical and emotional health. We choose inclusion, equality and equity in society” said Catalina Crainic.

Also in the same place Catalina Crainic, President of Association Children’s Joy, will carry out her post graduate studies in psychology under supervision (within the psychology cabinet with a certificate of free practice for clinical psychology and psychotherapies) for one year until passing the degree of autonomous psychologist.

Through this project we want to contribute to the rehabilitation of people with dystonia using sports and physical therapies but also contributing to their integration and removing stigma with the help of therapeutic methods specific to psychological programs. Resulting in the improvement of both the physical and emotional state of the participants.

The psychology activities that will target the members of the association will remain on the basis of volunteering. Moreover, in another work place near MC Gym Motion, group activities for both adults and children will take place. These programs are established one day of the week free of charge for people with dystonia or other neurological diseases but also other vulnerable target groups who are interested in participating.

Services included in the basic activities will be:

  • support groups
  • rehabilitation groups through physiotherapy
  • sports programs developed for neurological diseases
  • arts programs
  • virtual therapy.

In addition to the activities being open to the general public they will also benefit the dystonia community.

Catalina Crainic Board Member Dystonia Europe and President Association Children’s Joy