April 20, 2023

30th Anniversary Norwegian Dystonia Association

The Norwegian Dystonia Association (NDF) has celebrated its 30th Anniversary with a patient meeting organised by NDF 15th April at Olavsgaard Hotel. More than 60 persons attended, patients, family members etc.
Some members that were at Olavsgaard had been a member of NDF for more than 20 yrs.

The countries around Norway, (Scandinavia) were invited and represented at the event. Denmark, Sweden, and Finland were at the meeting and also Dystonia Europe was present with Jukka Sillanpää, Sissel Buskerud and Merete Avery.

The Norwegian Dystonia Association had invited Physiotherapist Johanna Blom to speak about the Dystonia Exercise Hub. Johanna held an excellent presentation and explained a lot. One of the things she mentioned is stable dystonia versus non stable dystonia. The term is referring  to which exercises a dystonia patient should be assigned to do from a phyiotherapist. After a lunch break there was a patient presentation of a more rare dystonia condition, blepharospasm and meige’s syndrom by Aud Engen, who is also a previous President of the organisation.

The meeting was followed by an Anniversary Dinner. Thank you to Norwegian Dystonia Association for the work you do!
During the dinner Dystonia Europe gave flowers to the Board Members in NDF, and Bengt-Erik from Sweden, Pia from Denmark and Jukka from Finland held speeches and presented gifts to the The Norwegian Dystonia Association.

The Board Member of NDF receive flowers.

Merete Avery, Operations Manager, Dystonia Europe