July 1, 2022

EPF AGM 2022

On the 23rd April, EPF held their Annual General Meeting online. Dystonia Europe is a member of EPF (European Patient Forum).

An opening speech was given by Marco Greco, EPF President and Anca Toma, EPF Executive Director.

EPF is the leading voice of patient organisations in Europe and promotes patient advocacy. They bring together people, knowledge and expertise between the patient community and EU policymakers, by   providing a cross-disease perspective based on issues that have a direct impact on patiens’ lives.

The minutes from the AGM 2021 were approved and the Annual Report 2021 was presented. These documents had been sent out to all participants before the meeting. Also financial reports were presented and approved.

Capacity Programs

EPF has various capacity programs for their member organisations. One of the ongoing programs is building the capacity of EPF members on AI (Artificial Intelligence) using publications and webinars. Another newly launched program is the 101 online self-learning course on  advocacy for young patients advocates.

AI (Artificial Intelligence) in healthcare from a patient perspective

Last on the agenda was “AI (Artificial Intelligence) in healthcare from a patient perspective – latest developments” presented by Kaisa Immonen, EPF Policy Director and Lydia Nicholas, independent researcher. The following is some information from the AI presentations.

  • The European Commission’s priorities for 2019 – 2024 “ is to make Europe fit for the Digital Age”.
  • There is a European Commission’s AI package and there is focus on communication to foster a European approach to AI.
  • EPF have developed a policy briefing for patient organisations on big data and artificial intelligence.
  • EPF has done a membership survey on artificial intelligence in healthcare.
  • Two reports are being made on AI from a patient perspective and on EU legislation on AI.
  • Despite concerns most patients are hopeful about AI.
  • It is important for patients to be meaningfully involved in the development of AI technology and policies that affect them.

You can read more about EPF here: www.eu-patient.eu

Merete Avery, Operations Manager Dystonia Europe