June 8, 2022

Dystonia Physio Exercise Hub Project

The first team meeting for the international launch of the Dystonia Physio Exercise Hub took place at the end of March. Physiotherapist Johanna Blom from the University Hospital of Skåne in Malmö, Sweden is initiator and owner of the project. After a successful launch of the   exercise platform in Sweden last November, it was time to proceed with the next step. The Boston Scientific Foundation granted funding for the second year of the two-year project including the international launch.

The following physiotherapists join Johanna in the international team meeting: Jean-Pierre Bleton from France, Heike Unger from Germany and Martine Pereira from the UK.

The platform was very well received in Sweden. About 50 physiotherapists in Sweden have registered on the platform and started to use it in order to create individual exercise programs for their cervical dystonia patients. Patients using the exercise tool are also very satisfied.

In this second year of the project the goal is for the exercises to be animated and for five new languages to be added to the platform.

More information: https://dystonia-europe.org/2021/12/dystonia-physio-exercise-hub-a-digital-platform-with-exercises-for-cervical-dystonia/

Project leader and platform creator is physiotherapist Johanna Blom at Malmö University Hospital in Malmö, Sweden, bottom right corner.

Members of this group are:

Physiotherapist Jean-Pierre Bleton from France (bottom row in the middle)

Heike Unger from Germany (top row left corner)

Martine Pereira from the UK (bottom row left corner)

Monika Benson, Dystonia Europe (top row in the middle)

IT expert Eelco Uytterhoeven (top row right corner)

Monika Benson, Executive Director, Dystonia Europe