April 30, 2022

Annual Meeting in the Norwegian Dystonia Association

The frame around NDF (Norsk Dystoniforening’s) annual meeting in April couldn’t be better. Spring had arrived and Trondheim was bathed in sunlight with nice spring temperatures. Here 47 members were gathered for a weekend that included meetings, guided sightseeing around the city, social fellowship and good food.

To the left, Johan Arnfinn Warvik, President of the Norwegian Dystonia Association.


The chairman of the board, Johan Arnfinn Warvik summarised the year that had gone by. He informed us that 2021 had been a very active year for Norsk Dystoniforening (NDF). Despite the corona pandemic and outbreaks of the virus NDF managed to arrange seven physical local meetings. There was education and training of contact persons in Lillestrøm,  a special meeting with partners and one meeting face to face with leaders of local networks. NDF also succeeded in gathering 60 people from the whole country at the autumn meeting in Lillehammer.

– I guess we have been lucky, said Johan Arnfinn, known as Joff by his friends. He added that of course NDF like many others had felt the consequences of the pandemic and also had to adapt to the digital way of meeting.

At the annual meeting Dystonia Europe was represented by Executive Director Monika Benson. She hadn’t  participated in a physical meeting since 2020. Therefore, she was very happy for the invitation and enjoyed being in Trondheim and we enjoyed having her with us. Two other Swedish guests were also represented; Yvonne Fredriksen and Bengt-Erik Calles from Svensk Dystoniforening, which underlined the good relationship and cooperation over the border.

Monika informed us about the work that Dystonia Europe do and gave the latest updates on dystonia research and treatment. She and Joff gave the  audience their own personal experiences of living with the brain disorder. The key message was; it’s important to focus on possibilities and what you still are able to do despite the illness and not focus on what you cannot do. Then you will have a better life. This was a very useful message.

During the two day long meeting there was also room for a guided bus tour around the city that is the capital of Mid-Norway and has a rich history. Visiting highlights like the Kristiansten Fortress and Nidaros Cathedral with weather on our side was nice. At the end every member of the board was re-elected for a new period, which  Johan Arnfinn was thankful for. One of the main focuses for the period to come is to bring up the level of activity in the local associations.

In the evening we gathered for a tasty meal where we enjoyed each other’s company. This was a nice way to end off our stay at Scandic Nidelven.

Members of NDF making a «Jump for Dystonia» with a view of Trondheim in the background.


A stop by the Cathedral Nidarosdomen.

Sightseeing at Kristiansten Fortress

Vidar Bjørkli
Norwegian Dystonia Association