March 10, 2022

Winter Think Tank 2022

Dystonia Europe Winter Think Tank 2022 was held on Zoom last February. DE had a Board Meeting the day before. Members of the Think Tank are our Platinum sponsors: Boston Scientific, Ipsen, Medtronic and Merz.

President Adam Kalinowski welcomed all to the Think Tank meeting and Executive Director Monika Benson gave an update on the activities that DE has been involved during the last year.

Each year Dystonia Europe is involved in Dystonia Awareness Month in September. There was limited travels in 2021 as there was in 2020, but there was still much activity online, through various platforms as Zoom and Skype and others. You can read more about this and other activities during 2021 in our Newsletters, published 3 times a year, .

An update was presented on how DE is moving forward on social media . The amount of people reached on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and other channels keep growing each year.  We are very pleased to see how engagements, shares and likes increase continously. This helps spread information on dystonia.

Part of the TT meeting was dedicated to plan and discuss the upcoming Dystonia Awareness Month (DAM) in September 2022. For awareness this year, we plan to  produce short video clips, that will focus on various forms of dystonia. Dystonia is often hard to recognize as it presents itself in many different ways.  As an example of an older video clip showing Cervical Dystonia (Neck Dystonia) you can follow this link,

These short videos will be with minimal text if any. Without text the videos do not need translations and can be understood by all regardless of language.

We plan to hold the Summer Think Tank Meeting in September in Lund, Sweden.

Merete Avery, Operations Manager
Dystonia Europe