September 1, 2021

The Deep Brain Stimulation Nurses Association

‘Improving the quality of life for individuals with DBS through clinical care, education, research and innovation.’

The deep brain stimulation nurse association (DBSNA) was founded in 2013 after a small group of deep brain stimulation (DBS) nurse specialists met at a movement disorder conference and the idea for an association was born. The DBSNA has moved from strength to strength following these humble beginnings. All of our Association’s work is carried out in our own free time and is purely voluntary.  DBSNA is a UK-based organisation  with the main objective being to promote the   improvement of the quality of patients’ lives through clinical care, education, research and   innovation. The DBSNA aims to facilitate high standards of patient care by sharing knowledge, promoting best practice amongst nurses/allied health care professionals and then directly and indirectly delivering care to patients with DBS   implants. We aim to promote the highest standards of care in DBS surgery and to enable the optimal patient experience. This is achieved by setting standards through nursing competencies and applying them to our practice which in turn develops the skills and knowledge of DBS nurses delivering care to patients with DBS.

We are represented by an elected committee which guides our work and we are also supported by our patrons who are specialist movement    disorder consultants who practice within both adult and paediatric DBS centres. We host an   annual conference at a different implanting centre each year and this year’s event will be held in   Oxford. We also host an annual DBS programming course, which aims to improve standards of      patient care by improving knowledge and skills focusing on safe and evidence-based programming of DBS therapy.

Our latest projects have been to develop a website which we use to promote our membership, events and new developments. We also completed a major piece of work and produced a written competency document, which has been endorsed by the Royal College of Nursing.  This gives a framework from which the DBS nurse working in this highly specialised area can use as a guide to their practice development. Since the formation of our organisation, we have seen the benefits of the DBSNA grow and grow. We now have members and contacts from across the world and we have developed an extensive network of nurses and allied health care professionals. We find that this is invaluable when we are working within the highly specialised field of deep brain stimulation programming.

We are always keen to forge stronger links with fellow professionals and organisations such as Dystonia Europe. It is a privilege to be asked by the Dystonia Europe team to write a short piece for their newsletter and I hope this helps build stronger links between our organisations and has helped you understand the aims and objectives of the DBSNA.

If you want to ask me any questions or have any queries please do not hesitate to contact me by email at

Russell Mills

Deep Brain Stimulation (DBS) Nurse Specialist

The Newcastle Upon Tyne Hospital NHS Foundation Trust

Former President Merete Avery and Russel Mills at a Dystonia Conference in Hannover