September 14, 2021

One Neurology

Workshop 29th July on One Neurology.

One Neurology is an initiative that aims to unite and strengthen neurology-related groups to collaborative advocacy, action and accountability for the prevention, treatment and management  of neurological disorders worldwide. EFNA ( together with the European    Academy of Neurology (EAN), founded this patient-driven initiative, which includes a multi-stakeholder global partnership.

Neurology is the most frequent, disabling and costly of all Non Communicable Diseases (NCD’s). International neurological organisations and regional umbrellas are teaming up to make neurology a global public health priority.

OneNeurology aims to create a favourable policy environment for action on neurology, providing a platform for disease specific advocacy efforts at all levels.


Global Action plan

In 2020 the World Health Assembly adopted a  resolution on Global actions on epilepsy and other neurological disorders, which requested the World Health Organisation (WHO) to develop an intersectoral global action plan. As a first step, WHO developed the discussion paper. It includes the proposed vision, strategic objectives and a set of recommended actions.

One of the speakers at this workshop was  Dr Tarun Dua, Head of The World Health Organisation’s Brain Health Unit, and she expressed that “It is extremely important to work together for the sake of neurological illness”.

During the workshop there were also breakout sessions on high income countries/regions and on lower and middle income countries and regions. There were good opportunities to ask questions and share comments.

You can read more on this project at (under partnership you can find Dystonia Europe as one of the endorsers) and you can also find a link to the podcast on One Neurology. You can also read more on EFNA’s website .


Merete Avery
 Operations Manager