May 25, 2021

Spotlight on the Boston Scientific Foundation Europe (BSFE) – how Digital Health Initiatives are supporting patients across EMEA

In 2019, Dystonia Europe was awarded funding from the  Boston Scientific  Foundation Europe to create the Dystonia Talks awareness videos for that year’s  Dystonia Awareness Month. In this article, we hear from the BSFE President, Sandrine Bazile, as she reflects on the Foundation’s successes and her hopes for the future.

Supporting Digital solutions that are tackling important health challenges across EMEA is a personal passion of mine. In 2018, we began the start of a new journey for Boston Scientific, with the launch of the BSFE, an exciting new direction for us to make a direct impact on people’s health.

A year in a pandemic, COVID-19 has resulted in the accelerated adoption of digital healthcare solutions by healthcare providers and organisations around the world – taking health and social care online, so it is particularly gratifying to be a facilitator for this health evolution.


Looking back to the early beginnings, we found projects slowly. Now we have found our feet, learned and grown, and have supported nine  incredible initiatives across the EMEA region that I am incredibly proud of, from e-training in paediatric cardiology to train young doctors from Africa for the Foundation Francine Leca, to an “Augmented Operating Room” Innovation Chair that modernises human and technological resources in the operating room, with the Assistance Publique–Hôpitaux de Paris (AP-HP), to  creating online camps for children with chronic illnesses for the Bator Tabor  Foundation to name a few.

Our new webpage includes the stories of some of the digital initiatives we have supported, including Dystonia Talks, which was an important project intended to help speed up diagnosis and access to treatment. My hopes for 2021 are to support more organisations in more countries embarking on digital solutions to reach and support their communities in the life of pandemic. 

Please visit our website to discover how your organisation can apply.