May 16, 2021

NORWAY, Digital Dystonia Activities

PhD Jeanette Koht, Norway

About Jeanette Koht

Working with Dystonia and treatment since 2001.
Adviser for  Norwegian Dystonia Association  (NDF) for many years
Last  Project together with NDF: Dystonia and physiotherapy
Trained neurologist in 2006
PhD Hereditary cerebellar diseases
Head of Department of Neurology  Oslo University Hospital.

The Norwegian Dystonia Association arranged a webinar with Jeanette Koht 7th April 2021. The topics covered were as follows:

1. Corona virus and vaccine

-the situation in Norway and around the world.

-Norway is using the BioNTech Pfizer and Moderna (RNA technology) vaccines.

Best advice: When you are offered the vaccine take it. There are no known risks for dystonia patients. Botulinum injections can be taken the day after, or the day before. Jeanette asked people to follow this link from Dystonia Europe: Care for dystonia in times of Covid-19 , professor Marie Vidailet

2. Botulinum toxin and guided injection

You can get better result by using EMG (electromyography)  and ultrasound. All the younger neurologists are now trained to use that.

3. Second opinion

What to do if we feel we do not get sufficient treatment? You are free to change to another hospital or neurologist to get a second opinion, in Norway you have free choice of hospital for your treatment.

Questions, summary

Medication: No new medication, only the old ones that can relieve pain.

Muscles: Do they get thinner when you get injections? Yes, because they are used less.

Can dystonia spread to other parts?: Yes that can happen.

Summary by Sissel Buskerud, Vice President Norwegian Dystonia Association and Treasurer Dystonia Europe


Photo: Jeanette Koht
(a pine with  generalized dystonia in beautiful Norway)