April 5, 2021

The Positive Twist a Podcast about Dystonia

In September last year Dystonia Europe launched the first season of its podcast: The Positive Twist. The activity was part of the Digital Dystonia Days project 2020 and made possible with the generous support from Boston Scientific, Ipsen and Medtronic.

Together with Amanda Benson at The Rise Factory we developed a programme which included dystonia patients and medical experts.  The first season has seven episodes and these are all available on various podcast channels or using this link:


Until today (April 2021) the podcast episodes have been downloaded and listened to 900 times. The most popular episodes so far:

If you have not listened yet, take the time and hear and learn about dystonia from patients, various medical experts and researchers. Please share and spread within your networks and help to raise awareness of dystonia.

For the time being we are looking to develop season two in the beginning of 2022. We would appreciate to hear back from you what you think of the existing episodes and what you would like to hear in the future. For any feedback or ideas send an e-mail to