March 30, 2021

Finding Success in Career, Love and Life, in Spite of Living With Cervical Dystonia, Featuring Emmanuel Dalmas

In this episode we get to know Emmanuel Dalmas from France. He tells his very inspiring story of finding success in all aspects of life, in spite of living with dystonia. It took Emmanuel 20 years to receive the right diagnosis, a problem that we hear about all too often. He shares with us what it meant to finally know what was wrong with him and how that helped him find better treatment and cope with his condition.

Emmanuel has had many accomplishments in his life in spite of living with dystonia. He is a successful entrepreneur, musician,  and probably most importantly, a family man. Several times throughout our interview, Emmanuel mentions how important the patience, love and support, by friends and family have been though this journey.


Enjoy this truly inspiring interview with Emmanuel Dalmas and make sure to check out his music linked below!

DALMAS Emmanuel on YouTube:

Spasmodic Torticollis (English):

Ma Dystonie (French):