February 24, 2021

The Importance of Physiotherapy and a Collaborative Approach to Treatment of Dystonia, With Physiotherapist Johanna Blom

In this episode we meet with Johanna Blom a physiotherapist who has specialized in helping patients with dystonia. She tells us about how she works with a team of medical professionals to ensure that her patients get the best treatment possible, and she emphasizes on the importance of a collaborative approach when administering injections, medications and physiotherapy. Johanna also tells us about her work in educating other, fellow physiotherapists, and her book that came out in 2018. To wrap things up, Johanna announces a new project coming up and gives some words of encouragement to our community. Don’t miss out on this great episode!

Download here: https://buff.ly/3utcfbE
Listen here: https://buff.ly/3pNVSTM