November 30, 2020

Jump for Dystonia Winners 2020

#jumpfordystonia2020: the Winning Jumps

Last September, we relaunched our 5-year old campaign Jump For Dystonia, to celebrate the freedom of movement with a jump to raise awareness of dystonia. This time with a twist and with the possibility to win some cash prizes. We asked our followers what type of jumper they are: splash, grounded, penguin, freestyle or star and to post and share and use the hashtag #jumpfordystonia2020. We received over 100 photos. We would like to thank all of you who took part, jumped in so many different ways, shared within your networks and helped to increase awareness of dystonia.

CONGRATULATIONS to the jumping winners!

    • 1st prize Pauliin Suvi, Finland
    • 2nd prize Paulina Rembecka, Poland
    • 3rd prize Mika Helkala, Finland
    • 4th prize Simona  Oriana, Ireland
    • 5 th prize Marika Lorefice, Italy