October 22, 2020

Webinar Series on Digital Health and Workshop by EPF

EPF (European Patient Forum) has held a series of webinars in 2020 on Digital Health.  Dystonia Europe is a member of EPF (a leading voice for patient organisations in Europe, working with EU stakeholder and expert groups). DE has attended all the webinars and workshops held by EPF in 2020.

Some of the topics in the webinar series were:

“Data Saves Lives”, which explains the role of governments in tracking their populations health and how the patient organisations can support and give input to keep in mind the best interest for the patients like quality of life, treatment etc.

“E-health and Telemedicine” which focused on a case study on telemedicine presented by Jessie Cunnett, Associate Director, Head of Health and Social at Traverse, a consultancy focusing on people development. Traverse partnered up with EPF UK member National Voices to design a research project on   telemedicine and remote consultation in particular.

“Artificial Intelligence in healthcare”, this webinar was about the current status on knowledge and capacity of AI  (Artificial Intelligence)  and the plans for its future in healthcare.

Last October EPF held a two-day online workshop on Digital Tools for Patient Empowerment and Person-Centred Care. The main objective of the workshop was on digital tools that have a potential to boost patient empowerment and  person-centred care,  and the aim is to foster collaboration between patients and healthcare professionals.

Some of the key topics were to bring together digital solutions by experts, developers, patient representatives, healthcare professionals, policy makers and industry representatives. The goal was to validate the in-depth-analyses developed by EPF and to further identify barriers and enablers of the digital solutions.

Merete Avery
Operations Manager
Dystonia Europe