October 20, 2020

Meet Pia, Chairwoman of the Danish Dystonia Association

What is your name?

My name is Pia Vejle

Why do you like helping others?

I always had this thing about helping other people,  making other people smile is the best gift. When I    was around 15 years old (many years ago), it started out when some young children never got to the trips because they did not have the money for it, so I started a group where I lived, where they could come once a week, sometimes we made drawings, some-times we went for a walk, the most important thing was, it did not cost anything and it was all about having a good day and not think about school or homework etc. Later it became groups about music, talking about music of specific artists and meeting them at the concerts. Some years ago I developed dystonia and I needed information, and it felt so perfect to have it and give it by being a member of the Danish board.

What are the benefits of working within a patient  organisation?

I get a lot of knowledge and inspiration I would not find anywhere else, I have met a lot of fantastic people to know and share our ups and downs stories.

 How do you like spending your free time?

I participate in a concert likely every 3 days all year. Music has for me been the energy to move on through hard times and the energy in my all times. I love forgetting everything else and just be there for the moment, I can go alone, I can go with friends or family, right there, it doesn’t matter anything else but love the music, no worries.

 What keeps you motivated on the tough days?

The music, my family and the belief that tomorrow will be better.

What makes you angry or frustrated?

People who judge other people, people that do not listen but only talk to hear themselves. If the “pay it forward” was a politician I would vote for that, if you help others they help you back.