September 30, 2020

September is Dystonia Awareness Month

What a fantastic month of dystonia awareness in spite of the pandemic!

THANKS to all of you who took part in our on-line activities last September. The great success would not have been possible without your support and your help in sharing our content.

This was the fourth year that Dystonia Europe was taking part in the international Dystonia Awareness month. Every day of the month we had at least one post. They were dystonia facts, inspirational quotes, dystonia stories or promotion of our dystonia awareness campaign Jump for Dystonia. We were active on several social media channels such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn.

We had decided to re-launch the 5-year old campaign but this time with a twist, asking our followers what type of jumper they are. During the month you could submit your jump photo and by using the hashtag jumpfordystonia2020 taking part in the special photo competition. See page 5 to find out who the lucky  winners are and see their amazing jumps for dystonia.

Another project this year is our ”Dystonia Facts”, a series of 30 short videos with experts describing the different types of dystonias, their treatments, research etc. They can all be found on our YouTube channel:

Some of these videos were launched during the awareness month.

We are very pleased with this year’s awareness activities and we are already looking forward to September Awareness month 2021.  If you have any special ideas of what to do on-line or in your country please send us an e-mail and let us know at

The more we are working together to raise awareness of dystonia the more will dystonia be heard of and recognized.

Monika Benson
Executive Director
Dystonia Europe