June 30, 2020

EFNA Webinar – Where´s Neurology? Influencing Covid Recovery Planning, Programmes and Policies’ 

On the 30th June Dystonia Europe participated in «Where´s Neurology?», a webinar held by  EFNA (European  Federation for Neurology Associations). The webinar is a part of a series to discuss how  EFNA can ensure that our voices are heard and integrated in the post-pandemic recovery planning phase, including the development of policies and programmes.

EFNA gathered speakers from WHO (World Health Organisation), Non-Communicable Disease Alliance, European Commission and the Parliament along with patients within advocacy from around the world.

If you want to see this webinar it is available on       EFNA’s website, here https://www.efna.net/webinar-wheres-neurology-influencing-covid-recovery-planning-programmes-and-policies/

To read more about EFNA see www.efna.net