May 3, 2020

EFNA #BrainLifeGoals Project Grants and #BrainLifeGoal Photo Competition

EFNA #BrainLifeGoals Project Grants

During Brain Awareness week EFNA launched the 2020 round of #BrainLifeGoals Project Grants. This year the focus will be on:

Ensuring Equitable Access to Treatment, Services and Support for Neurology Patients and their Carers.

Access to treatment is one of the central #BrainLifeGoals of many neurology patients, and EFNA want to help make that a reality across Europe. EFNA will provide grants of €3,000 each to up to 10 selected organisations.

Projects should be proposed by a non-profit organisation, registered and operating in Europe.

Deadline for application is extended to Friday, May 31st.

Full information and application guidelines are available at:

#BrainLifeGoals Project Grants

You can find out more about the campaign itself at and by following the #BrainLifeGoals hashtag on social media.

Full information and application criteria are available here:

#BrainLifeGoal Photo Competition

In support of the #BrainLifeGoals campaign, EFNA last year ran a photo competition.

1st prize – Girlfriends for Life – Josef Hinterleitner (Austria)      “Karin’s best friend Aischa has MS, but despite the disability          they are a heart and a soul.”

Picture top right: ‘Making a splash’

Congratulations to Susan Bagust (Australia), runner-up in the #BrainLifeGoals photo competition with this entry, ‘Making a splash’.

Read more about Susan’s story and the winning entries here: