January 15, 2020

Dystonia Facts – A new Video Series






The Dystona Facst is a new Video Series explaining dystonia. Last January Monika and her daughter Amanda spent 4 days in London to meet with dystonia experts and make video-recordings of them explaining dystonia.

Dr. Jean-Pierre Lin at the Evelina Children’s Hospital spent a morning with DE to tell us all the facts about Children’s dystonia, symptoms and treatments available.

Day 2 the duo travelled to St Georges Hospital in south London and met up with Dr. Francesca Morgante and Prof Mark Edwards. They had both been given various topics of dystonia that they told the camera about.

Day 3 the recordings took place at the Queen Square Institute of Neurology, with Prof Tom Warner who spoke about dystonia research. The 5th and last person to interview and record was Prof Marjan Jahanshahi who spoke about dystonia from a mental perspective.

These videos are now being edited and will soon be available on the DE Youtube channel and the DE website.

The hope is that these videos will better explain what dystonia is and what kind of treatments are available. The videos can support patients and their family members when looking for information on dystonia.

Monika Benson
Dystonia Europe