October 13, 2019

Opening of DBS Educational Platform in Leuven

At the Health House in Leuven the first interactive patient education platform on Deep Brain Stimulation was launched – DBS Select.

The invited guests were divided into two groups and then taken on a tour to discover the DBS storyline following the patient journey from considering DBS, implant of DBS, and the outcome. Participants could learn about the most frequently asked questions on DBS; explore different brain anatomical structures, watch a movie about the DBS surgery; touch and feel the real devices and leads.

Health House has already now announced four different occasions for open visits at 17.00 on 17 December, 18 February, 21 April and 23 June. If you are a patient, health care professional near Leuven or in Belgium and The Netherlands take this opportunity to learn more about DBS treatment. You sign up at www.health-house.be/calendar

The next step of this project is to launch an on-line version and in other languages to make the educational platform reachable for patients from other countries as well.

Dystonia Europe will continue to follow the work of this project.

Boston Scientific Team from France and Belgium and Monika Benson, Dystonia Europe