October 25, 2019

Meet Dystonia Europe Treasurer and MyDystonia Ambassador Sissel from Norway

My name is

Sissel Buskerud

Mother of two sons, 4 grandchildren and a dog. Married to Oddbjørn for 49 years. Living close to Oslo in Norway.

Work experience and how it relates to my work as Dystonia Ambassador I studied accounting and business at school, and have been working for many years as CFO (Chief financial officer) in a company.  I am retired now and  take care of the figures for  The Norwegian Dystonia association. I am used to taking responsibility and deal with people. I think this is useful when I try to get people to use the Mydystonia app. I am used to speaking in public.

Why do you like helping others? For me it is important to spread awareness of  Dystonia. It is a good feeling when you can help people when they are diagnosed, and also later on when we have meetings. We share our stories and learn from each other how to cope living with dystonia.

What are the benefits working as a MyDystonia ambassador? I get to know the app very well. I can help people in my country to download the app and support them if they have questions. I meet other ambassadors so we can exchange views and questions.

How do you like spend your free time? I love to be at home, or spend time in my cottage. Always lots of things to take care of. I like gardening, skiing, reading, knitting and walking with my dog and my son’s two dogs. In summer time I enjoy riding my electric bicycle.  I enjoy spending time with my children and grandchildren.

What keeps you motivated on the tough days?  I try to listen to my body and if I need to rest, I do that.  I try to be positive and keep smiling. It is better than being depressed.  I am very fond of Professor Marjan Jahanshahi and her rules for living with dystonia.

What makes you angry? Injustice makes me angry. If people or animals are not treated well. If patients have to wait a long time to get treatment or get wrong treatment for their Dystonia.

Sissel Buskerud

Treasurer Dystonia Europe