August 30, 2019

The 2019-2020 Edition of The Brain, Mind, and Pain Grant is Looking for Projects Which Tackle The Reduction of Stigma

Pain Alliance Europe is happy to announce the second edition of the Brain, Mind, and Pain Patient-Centred Innovation Grant with the support of Grünenthal and partner organisations. 

The core of PAE’s mission is to be the voice of patients, including chronic pain patients and patients living with a neurological condition. The new theme: “Stop Stigma! Reducing stigma for the brain, mind, and pain patients” expresses the need for transformation in the way pain is viewed and treated.

Pain is invisible. People who are lucky enough not to experience it on a regular basis, have no tangible reference, as usually for them pain comes and goes, so they have difficulties in relating to what chronic pain patients experience daily. This lack of understanding, when social connections are at the core of a meaningful life, make the situation difficult for patients. They have a right to be listened to and understood, and still they seem to be far from being able to exercise this right.

The fight against stigma, the BMP Grant theme for 2019-2020, is a step towards increasing awareness and knowledge about these limits. The BMP Grant will reward good ideas on ways to end stigma. 

The BMP Grant team will be looking for innovative ideas designing new solutions to meet the need for a more understanding society. They expect the grant submissions to be based on knowledge, tolerance and empathy towards brain, mind and pain patients at all possible levels of interaction.

The ultimate aim of the initiators of this edition of the BMP Grant remains what was announced at its first edition’s launch: improving the life of patients living with chronic pain or neurological conditions. 

The 2019-2020 Call for Proposals will be available online for a period of 6 months starting 1st July 2019.

Visit the website of BMP Grant regularly for updates or join their News Flash mailing list to stay abreast of the next steps of this edition.