December 15, 2018

New Way of Thinking (Finland)

My name is Susanne I am 57 years old. I was diagnosed with cervical dystonia in 2011. After an accident my head began to turn to the right. I had earlier symptoms, but thought, it was due to working with a computer. My life changed totally!!! Had to stop working. Even with botulinum toxin treatment my neck got worse after a while. Battle starts, as I want to find out more!!!

I signed up with Finnish Dystonia-Association. Got some new friends with the same kind of issues. First it scared me. Some had very obvious symptoms. I wanted to know more so I started reading and learning about dystonia. After a while I was chosen to be the contact person for Dystonia Europe from Finland. There I got even more friends. DE is like a family and I have had lots of happy moments with them.

I have been listening to doctors and physiotherapists in seminars since 2012. Biggest question still is that dystonia is an unknown disorder and there is no cure!!! Then I heard about Dr Farias in Toronto. I signed up with his website and got a new perspective about curing dystonia. He had successfully treated patients with dystonia. I was not able to attend last year, as his seminars in Europe were fully booked.

This year however, I was lucky and he confirmed that I could attend his seminar in Porto in August. Each participant could bring a friend/family member who could assist by taking notes of the various exercises while I was involved in the training program itself. Hopes are high when you attend a seminar for the first time where someone says he has cured himself and other patients with dystonia. There were 9 patients from all over world. Mostly cervical dystonia patients.

Firstly we got lots of new ideas on how to think about our condition. The favorite saying still for me is “forget all about your neck” and “silly face”. As you are trying to change your brain the exercises are done to strengthen weak points. We got training methods in groups and also individually. I have now trained for several weeks. I can already do tasks with my neck straight!! I am doing training each day. As doctor Farias said, nothing will happen if you don’t do anything.

We learned a new way of thinking. I must say that he convinced me and we saw some amazing reactions where he could do some correction and the patient in question was “normal”. It is recommended that you are active most of the day – 90% activity and only 10% rest. Meditation and relaxation is nice. Walking is even better. Breathing must be corrected etc.

It’s long way or short way for getting a better life back. I will definitely speak for this and even though I am not brain doctor, I found it easy to understand what he meant. He explains everything in great detail that you can see in front of you about how your motions and emotions impact on your body. I am not going to even try to explain  the medical side of this, as I am not capable of that. The only thing I can do is try to get my life back with this big opportunity to train my brain.

I will still have one botulinum injection in October even if I think I don’t need it any more. Maybe later, when I am stronger and I have proceeded with training. I am not quite sure anymore, if botulin toxin is helping me or not?! I don’t use any other regular medication for dystonia.I only use some painkillers, when my neck is causing headaches. Dr Farias is definitely a wise, warm and sensible guy, who knows what he’s talking about. I will recommend his training and seminars to all, who are ready to work for their own well being.

Never Give Up ❤ Don’t stop trying!

Susanne Olenius, Finland