October 1, 2018

Dystonia Awareness Month 2018

Our Second Year Participating

First of all a great THANK YOU to all of you who took part in our Dystonia Awareness Month on-line activities last September. The success would not have been possible without your support and help in sharing our posts, videos, quotes etc. This was the second time Dystonia Europe was taking part in the Dystonia Awareness month. 

At our last conference D-DAYs 2018 in Brussels, all presentations were recorded and published on the Dystonia Europe Youtube channel. There were also interviews made with several of the speakers which were edited into short video quotes. Together with links to our Youtube channel, information graphics, inspirational quotes a diverse and interesting content was created and published throughout the month on all our social media channels: Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. 

The amount of followers on our social media channels increased:

• Facebook from 3101 to 3198
• Instagram from 308 to 410
• Twitter from 312 to 386

Facebook average reach/day:
• Sept 2017 – 2028
• Sept 2018 –  2586

The most popular posts on Facebook were the posts in fact format containing inspirational quotes and various dystonia facts. They had the most viewers and shares. 

We are very pleased with this year’s awareness activities and we are already looking forward to September Awareness month 2019. If you have any special ideas of what to do on-line or in your country please send us an e-mail and let us know at sec@dystonia-europe.org  The more we are working together to raise awareness of dystonia the more will dystonia be heard of and recognized.