August 1, 2018

Ireland | Book launch: Recommenced 

My name is Tracey McCann and I was born in Dublin,   Ireland in 1988. I was a healthy and able-bodied child, who upon birth showed no indications of ever having anything other than a ‘normal’ life. However, when I was 8 years old my life took a massive turn when I was  diagnosed with a disability known as Rapid On-Set Muscular Dystonia. This disability rocked both the lives of my family and me as we had to come to terms with the sudden reality of my situation. 

Tracey Ellen Maria

Tracey Ellen Maria

 Presently, I am a 30 year old woman who has experienced many moments of negativity, social isolation and self pity. I have also however, experienced positive moments and am now actively involved in a large network of people who all share the same goal as myself, making our own lives and everyone who we meet, meaningful and positive. 

I am a Best Selling Author, Public Speaker, Life Coach, Disabled Advocate and Travel Entrepreneur. I have travelled to 16 countries within the past 5 and a half years. Some of these countries have been based within the continent Europe; while others have been further afield, e.g. Australia, New Zealand and even Panama.  

My book is called “Recommenced: Motivation > Limitation” By Tracey Ellen Maria, which is my pen name.  This book is available for purchase on Amazon. It was a bestseller within the first 48 hours following its launch. I am also, as I have said above, a public speaker. I perform this task through the help of assistive technology. You can have a look at some of my talks that I have posted on my website.  

Nothing is impossible, unless you yourself believe it to be. 

“Metamorphosis is not just reserved for the moths and the butterflies” –  

Motivation > Limita- tion

“Recommenced: Motivation > Limita-
tion” By Tracey Ellen Maria


Written by:
Tracey Ellen Maria