April 8, 2018

Italy | Run 4 Dystonia in Milan 

On April 8 the 18th edition of the Milan Marathon took place on a warm and sunny spring Sunday. It consisted of 2 different races, with the same itinerary of 42 Km. : one classic agonistic  marathon and a relay race organized by Charity Program, a great solidarity project created and supported by Milano Marathon , which allows persons to run for a non-profit association, helping it to collect funds. 

The relay race was  divided into 4 sections, each between 7 and 13 Km and was reserved to non-profit organizations. They could buy runners registrations at a special rate, and give them to a team, which then donates a sum or takes part in the fundraising on “Rete del Dono”, the largest platform in Italy for crowdfunding and personal fundraising. This event had a great success. There were 6900 runners for the agonistic race and more than 3000 teams were registered for the relay race.