October 29, 2017

25th Anniversary of the Danish Dystonia Association

This weekend DDF – the Danish Dystonia Association – celebrated its 25th Anniversary. The organization was founded in 1992 and has today a little more than 600 members. The focus of their work is to raise awareness and inform about dystonia, treatment and research.

For this very special celebration about 100 dystonia patients and family members as well as representatives from the Scandinavian Dystonia Associations and Dystonia Europe had come to Scandic City Hotel in Århus, Denmark.

After lunch, Danish well-known actor Peter Mygin, held a very inspirational talk. How to overcome fears and become a stronger person. He stressed the importance of being physically active and said: “My wife and I have an agreement. If one of us suggests to go for a walk in nature the other person is not allowed to say no. And if you think about it, you never feel worse after a walk in the nature!” He encouraged the audience to enjoy life. “Tell the persons that you love that you love them”; “Get rid of the phone, be present”; “Look out, away from yourself, see and meet the world, rather than looking towards your inside. If you look inside, there is a stop, and it is tiring and not so much fun”. The audience had a good time and there was a lot of laughter. Chairwoman Pia Sörensen Veijle thanked Peter and then there was time to chat with him or have photos taken.

After a short break followed the General Assembly with approval of reports and election of board members. Pia Sörensen Veijle was re-elected President for the next two years.

The last session of the afternoon programme was an expert panel of five Danish Dystonia specialists. The audience could ask questions on all they wanted to know about dystonia.  It was very much appreciated and there were questions on treatment, research, physiotherapy, awareness etc.

In the evening there was a festive gala dinner organized and guests enjoyed a delicious dinner, entertainment and dancing to the live band “No Boundary” and singer Anja.

The Scandinavian dystonia representatives and Dystonia Europe congratulated Pia and her team with flowers and gifts. “Thank you for all the work that you do for dystonia patients and their families in Denmark. And for the next 25 years to come, we wish you much success”, said Monika on behalf of Dystonia Europe and its members.