December 3, 2016

Expert Summit on the Future of Deep Brain Stimulation in Würzburg

This week over 300 movement disorder experts from all over the world came to the Würzburg Rezidens Castle in Würzburg Germany to the Expert Summit on the future of deep brain stimulation.
Main organizer of the event was Prof Volkmann from Würzburg University Hospital. Organizing committee included also Prof Andrea Kühn from Charité University Medicine Berlin and Prof. Cordula Matthies from Würzburg University Hospital.
Keynote speeches were given by expert scientists and clinicians on subjects such as: mechanisms of deep brain stimulation; animal models; imaging and model based programming; device innovation; standardization of the DBS procedure; optimized patient managemen and much more which were followed by intense and fruitful discussions among the participants. The summit created and excellent platform for sharing knowledge and expertise which is needed to move research forward to advance therapies and optimize treatment outcomes for better quality of life for people with living with dystonia.
The patients were also represented at the meeting by EPDA (European Parkinsons Disease Association) and Dystonia Europe. Boston Scientific, platinum sponsor of the meeting, had organised a challenge for the participants and they were asked to bike at the ”biking station” in the coffee area, to help raise funds for Dystonia Europe and EPDA. A total of € 6000 was raised and handed over to the two organisations the last day. We thank all participants who turned energy into euros to support the work of our organisations and to Boston Scientific for the great initiative.
Thank you for a very well organized meeting.