May 8, 2016

The Third International Congress on Treatment of Dystonia

The first week of May Dystonia Europe President Merete Avery and Executive Director Monika Benson travelled to Hannover in Germany. The Congress started on Wednesday afternoon with the 2nd International Conference on Rehabilitation of Dystonia, followed by the 1st International Conference on Dystonia in Sports.
This 3rd International Congress on Treatment of Dystonia brought together more than 500 participants from several countries. Dystonia Europe had a stand in the exhibition hall and many visitors stopped to get the latest DE information leaflet and Newsletter, printed with the support of Medtronic. The MyDystonia APP was demonstrated and material was available in both English and German. There was also the opportunity to have photos taken for the two campaigns we are promoting: ’Jump for dystonia’ and ’Under the Umbrella’.
It was some intense days of networking and we are very grateful to the organizers for letting us have a stand for free at this very important dystonia event.