March 16, 2016

Efpia Think-Tank for Patients and Representatives from the Pharmaceutical Industry

This week the Efpia Think-Tank meeting was held in Brussels, Belgium. The about 30 participants from various European patient organisations and from the pharmaceutical industry were engaged in the roundtable discussions regarding several subjects such as ’pricing and reimbursement’, the work on the shared position paper on the ethical relationship between patient organisations, patients and industry, as well as the upcoming Efpia programme: Healthier Future.
The next meeting will take place beginning of June.

EFPIA brings together 33 European national pharmaceutical industry associations as well as 40 leading companies undertaking research, development and the manufacture in Europe of medicinal products for human use.
EFPIA’s Think-Tank serves as a forum for both Efpia members and European patients’ organisations: here, the European pharmaceutical industry can share its work on meeting patients’ needs. The purpose is to form a two-way open discussions and information sharing, increase mutual understanding of each other’s position and understand our respective concerns on EU policy, strategies and goals. EFPIA members continuously work to ensure that their Code of Practice on Relationships between the Pharmaceutical Industry and Patient Organisations underpins the industry’s interactions with patients. The code of practice sets out clear principles for maintaining transparent and ethical relationships with patients, in order to ensure the patient’s independent voice.
For more information on EFPIA, visit their website.