March 19, 2016

Ipsen and Dystonia Europe met in Paris

This week the Dystonia Europe management met with Ipsen representatives at the Ipsen headquarters in Paris.
Ipsen is one of the major companies manufacturing the botulinum toxin which is used to treat dystonia.
The collaboration between Ipsen and Dystonia Europe has developed over the years and we have worked successfully together in partnership on several projects such as:
• Several David Marsden Awards – a scientific award given to a young scientist within the field of dystonia every other year.
• Dystonia Awareness Videos – dystonia patients sharing there stories to raise awareness.
• International Cervical Dystonia Patient Survey where more than 1000 patients from 38 countries participated to give the patient perspective on disease impact, medical treatment and physician relationship.
• Support of the Jump for Dystonia awareness campaign from Ipsen staff.
It has always been and is a very fruitful partnership for progress to benefit dystonia patients and their families.
We would like to thank Ipsen for their commitment to support our important work and we look forward to our continued collaboration.