May 12, 2015

Patient Perspective in Focus at Merz Global Leadership Meeting

Last week over 100 Merz leaders from 20 countries were gathered in Mainz, Germany for the Second Merz Leadership Summit. Merz is a family owned German company manufacturing botulinum toxin. The 2-day meeting opened with focus on the Customer & Patient Perspective. Dystonia Europe Executive Director Monika Benson, who is a dystonia patient herself, shared her experiences and insights during a 45-minute interview on stage with Yannick Grosskreutz. Her key messages to the audience were: more awareness among the general public and the medical profession to combat stigma and speed up diagnosis and access to treatment; and more research is needed to improve treatment and ultimately to find a cure.
She encouraged the audience to be proud of what they do and she said: “If it weren’t for you and this product many tens and perhaps hundreds of thousands of dystonia patients all over the world would not be able to enjoy a reasonable quality of life.”