December 7, 2014

Merz JUMP for Dystonia Event in Frankfurt

Last week Merz headquarters in Frankfurt, Europe organized a JUMP for Dystonia event.
The event took place in the canteen where Jennifer Fluck and her colleagues welcomed other Merz staff who wanted to jump.
In the background was music of various songs with a JUMP theme which created a happy and inspiring atmosphere. And it was useful – the photographers worked hard taking photos of all the staff who wanted to JUMP to help spread awareness of dystonia. For each jump Merz donated € 5. After jumping everybody was given a special Jump for dystonia tea cup, and information about dystonia and Dystonia Europe.
There was a short break in the middle of the afternoon and Yannick Grosskreutz welcomed everybody and gave a short summary of the last few years of collaboration between Merz and Dystonia Europe.
Hans-Eric Diede explained what dystonia is and how the treatment of botulinum toxin works. Then followed a presentation by Monika Benson of Dystonia Europe who shared her Dystonia Story and how the disease  has affected her and her family. By the end of the day a total of 150 jumps were collected. Merz will continue to organize more JUMP for dystonia events for staff and partners in the next few months. Dystonia Europe is very grateful to the staff of Merz and their commitment to help raise awareness of dystonia.