May 19, 2014

Merz Austria gathers Neurologists and Dystonia Europe at Annual Expert Meeting “Science on Top” in Kitzbühel

Merz Austria’s annual meeting “Science on Top” took place last weekend in Kitzbühel, Austria. CEO of Merz Austria Karsten Schlemm opened the 2-day meeting on Friday evening, and welcomed the 50 participants to a weekend of presentations, sharing best practice and a workshop in hands-on-training of ultrasound.
Opening speakers were Professor Jörg Müller from Berlin who spoke about “Botulinum toxin – yesterday – today – tomorrow”, then followed by Dystonia Europe Executive Director Monika Benson who shared her “Dystonia Story”.
Saturday’s meeting took place at Alpenhaus, on Kitzbüheler Horn at 1600 meters. The mountain with surroundings were covered in snow and created a focused and intense meeting with lively discussions. Among the presentations were topics such as: flexible injection intervals, ultrasound guided injections, treatment failure etc.
Thank you to Merz Austria: Karsten Schlemm, Bettina Zadera and Anna Lang, for the organization of a very interesting and important meeting to help improve the treatment procedures of patients suffering from dystonia and spasticity.