February 25, 2014

Dystonia Europe Connecting with Medtronic

The long-term relationship and well established partnership between  Dystonia Europe and Medtronic was strengthened this week in Tolochenaz,  Switzerland when the teams met to discuss collaboration and how to move forward to raise awareness of dystonia and improve access to treatment. Medtronic is an American medical technology company offering therapies which treat cardiac and vascular diseases, diabetes and musculoskeletal and neurological conditions such as dystonia. Tolochenaz is the European Headquarters and part of the manufacturing is located there as well. Medtronic’s device for DBS – deep brain stimulation, was approved for dystonia in 2003.
More information about the therapy can be found at: http://www.medtronic.com/patients/dystonia/therapy/index.htm.
The very productive day finished with the teams making a “Jump for Dystonia.”