August 27, 2013

The David Marsden Award Winner 2013 selected!

We congratulate this year’s winner, Dr. Katja Lohmann, of the Institute of Neruogenetics at the university of Lübeck in Germany, for her paper entitled:

“Whispering dysphonia (DYT4 dystonia) is caused by a mutation in the TUBB4 gene”

The Adjudication Panel of our Medical and Scientific Advisory Board assessed this paper to be the best of those submitted for the Award. Dr. Lohmann will present her research during our 20th Anniversary Conference in Edinburgh, on 6 September 2013.

Dystonia Europe is grateful for the support provided for this Award by Ipsen Pharma.  The award of € 10,000 is intended to encourage research into dystonia in all European countries, especially by young scientists.

David Marsden Award Winner 2013