Dystonia Europe 2013 – Edinburgh

The Dystonia Europe 20th Anniversary was held in Edinburgh in September 2013. Below you find the program and presentations.
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Dystonia Europe 20th Anniversary Conference & GA, Edinburgh 2013

Programme 20th Anniversary Conference “Achievement & Hope” Edinburgh 2013

Professor Yoav Ben-Shlomo: Prevalence of Dystonia
Professor Marie Vidailhet: History of Medications
Professor Elena Moro: Patient Selection for DBS
Dr. Jean-Pierre Lin: Advances in Treatment of Children
Professor Christine Klein: How the Genetics of Dystonia may bring big results
Professor Rose Goodchild: Reviw of basic research areas for dystonia
Dr. André Lee: Research and treatment at Hannover Music School
Dr. Fereshte Adib Saberi: Linking allied Health Care professionals and Physicians: the IAB Model
Maja Relja: Pain in dystonia
Professor Marjan Jahanshahi: Psychological factors
Elaine Tyrell: Sharing roles in the dystonia team
Jean-Pierre Bleton: Physiotherapy in action 1
Joost van den Dool:Physiotherapy in action 2
Paul King:An approach to patient advocacy